Entry #9


2009-09-23 08:28:50 by ordovicianfauna

is awesome!


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2009-09-23 11:16:13

It got very boring very quickly.

ordovicianfauna responds:

obviously you'd prefer guitar hero: metalica


2009-09-29 00:03:46

ahh the Beatles never before has there been a bigger band, well i don't know U2 might pass them in the fame chart of all time bands ever. still i like the beatles, hate rock band,.......anyway what happend man you got unscouted or somthing your work is no longer in the portal but i know it was, i mean "kallen" and "C.C." were for sure they are on my favorites. oh yes can i make a reqeust can you make a colered pencil sketch of "The Rookie" from Halo 3 ODST. please it would be awesome. if you don't know who he is or who he looks like just check my page i've got a pic of his awesommeness

ordovicianfauna responds:

...i got a ps3


2009-09-29 15:30:07

but you can still draw him. and ps3 is not cool, you should have gotton XBOX 360.

ordovicianfauna responds:

sorry but i thought my answer would have been clear enough.


2009-10-11 23:26:47

Feel as though i should tell you, i have found a girl who can draw as well as you, her art is on my favorites i would see her work, it is very awesome


2009-10-18 11:37:22

congrats on getting rescouted